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Library Programs

Defiant Monkey Improv is a two-person improvisation team that creates on-the-spot theatre based on audience suggestions and participation. With over 30 years of teaching and theater experience, Karen & Andy are ready to entertain and educate your library patrons, both young and old!


Defiant Monkey Improv is ready to leap onto the scene and support your 2018 summer reading program:

Libraries Rock!

Defiant Monkey Improv Library Summer Reading Program 2016 - Read-Agility

Here's a sample of where we've been:

Anderson-Lee Library

Audubon Library

Aurora Town Library

Brighton Memorial Library

Buffalo Central Library

Charlotte Library

Clarence Public Library

Corfu Free Library

Delevan-Yorkshire Public Library

Dormann Library

Dudley Library

Dunkirk Public Library

Fairport Public Library

Gates Public Library

Hamlin Public Library

Irondequoit Public Library

Lancaster Public Library

Middleport Free Library

Newstead Public Library

North Park Library

Olean Public Library

Penfield Public Library

Pittsford Community Library

Richmond Memorial Library

Rochester Central Library

Seymour Library

Tonawanda Public Library

Winton Library

Wyoming Free Library

Yates Community Library

Check out the promotional video for our 2018 Summer Reading Program show!

"Libraries Rock!"

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In addition to our Summer Reading Program support, Defiant Monkey Improv can provide customizable programming for any event, all year long, including the ever-popular Family Fun Nights!

Check out our options for schools and businesses, too!

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